Tan Kay Pau

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Tan Kay Pau

Group Chief Marketing Officer





Date of Appointment

January 2024



Academic / Professional Qualifications / Membership(s)

  • Certificate in International Communication, Public Relation & Corporate Management, Business and Information Technology School, Germany (2011)
  • Bachelor of International Business, Inti International University, Malaysia (2012)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Business Administration, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (2012)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Inti International University, Malaysia (2015)
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Management Studies, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (2015)
  • Member of the Institute of Marketing Malaysia (2012)
  • Member of the Malaysian Institute of Management (2023)
  • Member of the Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) (2018)



  • Nil


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Throughout Tan Kay Pau’s nearly 12-year professional journey, he has held significant positions in both the healthcare and entertainment sectors. Notably, his tenure at a leading private hospital in Malaysia, managed by HMI Limited, Singapore, stands out. Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer of Mahkota Medical Centre, he was promoted to oversee a team of over 300 skilled senior employees across Malaysia and Indonesia, managing various divisions including Marketing, Nursing, Medical Affairs, Finance and Legal, Clinical Support, Non-Clinical Support, and Operations. His adept negotiation and problem-solving abilities, coupled with effective solutions, positioned him as the primary individual responsible for executing several major strategic plans for the hospital, including initiatives aimed at enhancing customer experience, establishing new Centers of Excellence, and developing Polyclinic facilities. Collaborating closely with industry partners and government entities, he played a pivotal role in devising long-term strategic plans spanning 5 to 10 years for the hospital’s growth.

Before joining ALPS, Tan served as a Cluster Manager at Raffles Specialists Dental, part of the Raffles Medical Group, where he managed the operations of 10 specialist dental chairs at Raffles Hospital. Additionally, he chaired various portfolios such as marketing and promotions, patient experience enhancement, Continuing Dentistry Education (CDE), and staff talent development (Training). In 2017, he transitioned to ALPS Global Holding Berhad as Senior Vice President, Group Investments and Operations, before assuming the role of Director of Business Development at UCSI Hospital Sdn Bhd in 2021.

Tan joined the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) as Vice President, Business Sustainability in 2023. He advised senior executives and hospital members to identify potential profit and revenue sustainability, and advised the government organization by introducing best practice from healthcare industry for the region.

In January 2024, Tan joined Alpha IVF as our Group Chief Marketing Officer where he assumed his current responsibilities.

He has no family relationship with the Promoters, Substantial Shareholders, Directors, Key Senior Management or Key Technical Personnel of our Group.

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