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Alpha IVF Group wins “Leading Fertility Innovation & Technology of the Year in APAC” for 6 Consecutive Year

Alpha IVF Group earns coveted accolades at Global Asia Health Awards 2024 for the Six Consecutive Year, Acknowledging its outstanding performance in patient care and fertility solutions.

Alpha IVF Group, which became the first fertility centre in Malaysia to introduce AI technology in selecting an embyo/blastocyst, has once again received international recognition. The awards are held in Phuket, Thailand, and receive nominees from other Asia-Pacific countries such as Singapore, Thailand, India and many more.

Mr Tan Kay Pau, Alpha IVF Group Chief Marketing Officer, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the patients of Alpha IVF Group and their shareholders, for their unwavering support, and emphasised the profound impact it has had on the clinic’s success. Ms. Low Sin Yee, Alpha IVF Group Chief Embryologist highlighted the significance of the award as a testament to the dedication and trust of Alpha’s patients. She affirmed that this recognition serves as a powerful motivator for the entire team to maintain their commitment to delivering exceptional care and pioneering fertility solutions. As Alpha IVF Group continues its mission to provide unparalleled fertility services, Ms. Low assured patients of their unwavering dedication to excellence in fertility healthcare, especially in the laboratory technology advancement in order to help more and more couples to achieve pregnancy.

Alpha IVF Group proudly marks a significant milestone, having joyously welcomed over 4,600 and counting newborns into the world through their cutting-edge fertility treatments. This remarkable achievement underscores Alpha IVF Group’s dedication to excellence in fertility healthcare, positioning it as a leading authority in fertility treatment.

Innovation and Technology

Ms Low Sin Yee, the Alpha IVF Group Chief Embryologist emphasised that the new technology such as Cryotech Technology and Pieza ICSI, would help a lot in terms of our clinical, and we are committed to seeing 6,000 babies by the end of this year.

“We were the first to introduce Cryotec(R) Freezing Technology in Southeast Asia and became the support centre covering the entirety of Malaysia,” she added.

Alpha IVF Fertility, renowned for its unwavering commitment to enable every couple to realise their potential for parenthood fully, proudly announces accreditation from the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) at its Alpha IVF – KL & Alpha IVF – Singapore branches. The RTAC certification is an accreditation issued to assisted reproductive technology units or fertility centres that meet the code of practice developed by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA).The group is also planning to extend the accreditation to all of its other centres within the group. This prestigious recognition highlights Alpha’s steadfast dedication to ensuring safety and quality at every stage of the fertility treatment journey. With a focus on excellence and patient well-being, Alpha IVF Group continues to set the standard for advanced fertility care.

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